Who we are

Center for Dynamic Aging is a group of experienced clinicians providing comprehensive Geriatrics care. We focus on maximizing cognitive and physical health to promote independence and quality of life.

How we do it

The center for Dynamic Aging, established in 2002, provides geriatric care across the spectrum where the elderly reside. We understand aging and the significance of maintaining the highest levels of functioning and quality of life. We understand that caring for the elderly also encompasses helping families cope with changing roles.


Memory Loss

  • Is memory loss normal with aging?
  • Is there treatment for memory loss?
  • What is caregiver stress?

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Comprehensive Geriatric Care

  • Why do you need a geriatric specialist ?
  • What are geriatric syndromes
  • What to expect and what to bring when you are seen

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Post Hospital Rehabilitation

  • What is subacute care?
  • Am I eligible for rehabilitation?
  • Why do I need therapy?

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